Monday, April 2, 2012

Enfy's Challenge

Hi, this card was made for a challenge that Enfys over at Going Buggy (hop on over there has this month. We where to use something on your card that wasn't intended for cardmaking. Although my first though was to use my squishy thingy from my shower, this failed miserably and was way to bulky. I wanted to come up with a doozy of a card but ran out of time. You see.... I will have house guests and will be hosting Easter dinner for 42-43 close loved ones. So this is it! Hope you like it.

I used a straw I found in the bottom of my utensils drawer in the kitchen. When I took my Easter decorations out I noticed I lost half of a plastic Easter egg. So used this for the middle of my fan.


Gen said...

Cute! I want to make pinwheels for my Easter brunch table too! Good job!

ang said...

lovely ideafor your card, I thought of that bathroom scunchie but after dismantled it did not like it, still thinking of something though (will have to be quick time is running out angxx

Enfys said...

What a gorgeous card Claire! Thanks for taking part in the going buggy challenge this month and good luck
Enfys x

Glamotte said...

Oh.. belle découverte pour moi ce matin.

merci pour ton beau commentaire sur mon blog.