Sunday, January 15, 2012

My daughter' scrapbooking room

Hi, my hubby and I spent a beautiful bone chilling winter day in the warmth of my daughter and sone in-law's cozy warm home. I helped my baby girl set-up her little scrapbooking corner. She's got some really nice pages done and I'm sure much more to come. I will post some on my blog. So if you are a young couple in love and need ideas for great pages come back later and I will have a few to show you. Here's a few pics of her little happy lace, she even has a maqueup corner. She will need to fill those  shelves up with scrap gooding and bling-bling. I will surely help! Hope you had a great weekend.


Néné Gump said...

Où t'as trouvé le cadre avec les tablette en bois ?? Chanceuse !! Bravo girls! Belle p'tite place Chloé ! Love it ! Vxx

Enfys said...

It looks great, as you say all ready for STUFF
Enfys x

4tin said...

Ca me fais plaisir mon cherie!!